Silver Square Cornered Snap Frame - PSS

Paper Size Profile Product Code Frame Size
A5 (149 X 210 mm) 25mm PSS5 179 X 240 mm
A4 (210 X 297 mm) 25mm PSS4 240 X 327 mm
A3 (297 X 420 mm) 25mm PSS3 327 X 450 mm
A2 (420 X 594 mm) 25mm PSS2 450 X 624 mm
A1 (594 X 841 mm) 25mm PSS1 624 X 871 mm
A0 (841 X 1189 mm) 32mm Heavy Duty PSS0 881 X 1239 mm
Half A1 (297 X 841mm) 25mm PSSH1 327 X 871 mm
500 x 750mm 25mm PSS575 530 X 780 mm
Certificate Frame (210 X 210 mm) 25mm PSS210 240 X 240 mm
30 x 40 inch (762 X 1016mm) 32mm Heavy Duty PSS34 802 X 1056 mm
700 X 1000 mm 32mm Heavy Duty PSS71 740 X 1040mm
1600 X 700 mm 44mm Super Frame PSS167 1645 X 745 mm

Impeccable Snap Frames variants will amaze you!

Snap frames are a great way to create a display with numerous memories. Our Snap Frames Brisbane QLD are in great demand because people here just love to have an elegant and in-house space with plenty of different graphic displays, photographs of different phases of life and much more. This actually gives us a chance to stand by, cherish our happy moments by looking after those frames and smile.

We are one of the leading silver snap frame providers that come with more than 12 variants in each category like coloured snap frames, round cornered snap frames, Square corner snap frame, etc. with different paper sizes as well as frame size. You can choose the best suit according to your room size, room colour, picture size, picture colour and other factors.

Unlike other clip frames, our snap frames are easy to handle, easy to buy, photos or other graphics can be changed without any hassle. These factors maintain the demand of Snap Frames Brisbane QLD throughout the year.